Clinical Neuropsychology Services

Clinical neuropsychology is a specialty that focuses on brain functioning.  Clinical neuropsychologists have expertise in understanding how behavior and skills are related to brain structures and systems.  They evaluate brain function by objectively testing memory and thinking skills, to achieve a clear characterization of a patient’s pattern of relative strengths and limitations.

Dr. Kauder conducts all phases of the neuropsychological evaluation himself – including the administration of tests.  For some patients, he also provides treatment, such as behavior management, or psychotherapy aimed at addressing neurologic conditions as well as the impact such conditions can have on the emotional, social, and other important areas of functioning of patients and their loved ones.  The information that Dr. Kauder provides referring clinicians allows for more accurate diagnoses and selection of more effective treatments.  As such, neuropsychological evaluations can serve to inform important healthcare and/or legal decisions.