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Counseling / Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Kauder counsels patients and their loved ones with a view of the “big picture” – that is, with an understanding of both behavioral and medical functioning.

Counseling helps people adjust to changes in their medical conditions, brain functioning, emotions and/or circumstances.

Counseling can assist patients and their family members in resuming productive lives after disruption due to the onset of disease processes or injury.

Dr. Kauder helps patients recognize how poor personal and life-style choices, behavioral patterns, and chronic exposure to the effects of negative thinking, attitudes, and negative contexts contribute to disease progression.

Through counseling, patients preserve dignity, maximize independence, and better manage the ups and downs of daily life.

Dr. Kauder does not provide counseling services to patients who he has seen previously for neuropsychological evaluations, forensic services, or IMEs.
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