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Dr. Brad S. Kauder

Dr. Brad S. Kauder has been providing neuropsychological, forensic, and counseling services in the Rogue Valley for more than a decade.  With easy-to-reach and handicap-accessible offices in Ashland, Oregon, he is readily available to meet the needs of adults, age 21+.

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**COVID-19 Information: Dr. Kauder takes the health and safety of his patients very seriously.  Our office is observing several safety precautions aimed at reducing the chance of viral spread:

  • While some appointment types must be done in-person (i.e. Neuropsychological Testing), many appointments will be conducted via phone or Zoom.
  • When you arrive, please wait in the parking lot to be called for your appointment.  The front doors are locked and you will need to be escorted into the building.  You may call 541-488-8988 to advise the office when you have arrived.
  • All parties must wear a wear a mask when in the office building.  If you have a mask, please bring it with you, and put it on in the parking lot.  If you do not have a mask, a sanitized one will be provided for you to use and placed just outside the front doors.
  • If you have any cold or flu symptoms, please stay home.  We will ask about symptoms during your reminder call the day before your appointment(s).
  • Dr. Kauder will complete a brief health screening, including temperature & blood oxygen level, before escorting you into your appointment.
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